La Centuriona - Gavi

on Thursday, 11 October 2012. Posted in Hunting in Italy

This is a beautiful 360-hectare property in lower Piedmont where the farm is spread over an area of 600 hectares. There are very few crops and the land is entirely given over to hunting.

There are 2 hunting lodges, one in the courtyard of the building and the other located 300 metres from it.

We have 9 rooms available for our hunters.

Enjoyable days out hunting are perfectly complemented by excellent game-based cuisine.

The reserve lies between the rivers Lim and Ardana, which thus form part of its natural boundaries. Together, the woods, meadows, vineyards and uncultivated land make La Centuriona a wonderful hunting ground.

There are 19 hunting towers for selective hunting dotted across the estate, and as many feeding points.

The largest animal populations in the area are roebuck, wild boar and fallow deer.

As regards small game, hares, pheasants and red grouse are present in great number; furthermore, in this naturally favourable habitat they tend to reproduce, every year offering our hunting enthusiasts excellent quality broods.

For this company, which is situated in the province of Alessandria and therefore governed by the Piedmont regional administration, the hunting season begins on August 15 with the stalking of the male roebuck, while the females and young fallow and roe deer are hunted in November, December and January.

Wild boar can be hunted all year round, in accordance with a provincial "control of the species" regulation.

The season for hunting with dogs runs from September 20 to December 31.

Driven game shoots (of pheasants and red grouse) are organised throughout the season, and thus from September through to December.